What I'm doing now

This is what I would tell you if you were to ask what I was working on.

As we enter Winter 2021, I’m spending my time on these things:

  • I've been heads down building out NestEgg throughout Covid but I'll be sharing more on what it's all about very soon... Meanwhile, you can get the back-story right here.
  • Determined to find more time to write (here on my personal blog).
  • Gauging interest for an online marketing course so more people can benefit from the strategies I’ve honed over the last 10 years. DM me if interested.
  • Reading 2 to 3 books per month. Keeping up with a core group of blogs and podcasts.
  • Almost every morning after tai chi, I do some form of cardio followed by 20-minutes meditation. I use Sam Harris' Waking Up app which I could not recommend highly enough. DM me if you want an invite code for a month's free access.
  • I'm intermittent fasting (16:8) Monday to Friday. More recently I've been experimenting with building muscle mass.
  • I'm not taking on new growth consulting clients at this point but I am always willing to consider exceptional cases for advisory work. If you think you could be a good fit then please contact me.

This update, November 2021. I’ll update this page again when my activities or priorities change.

Disclosure: I got the idea for doing this page from the wonderful Derek Sivers