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Put Your Small Business on the Map: With BatchGeo

What if…

How useful would an online map be for your customers? Driving directions or a store locator perhaps: with popup details at each place?

What if a customer could use a map on your site to route them in their car using their onboard GPS?

What if you could visualise on a map where all your customers and leads are?

How valuable would it be to pull data from your customer database or website analytics and visually see sales trends, hot spots and cold zones by location?

What if you could embed these maps on your website, or pull up them up in a way that’s optimised for your smartphone or tablet?

Enter BatchGeo

Well, there’s a web tool called BatchGeo which does all of this and more. It’s incredibly easy to use. Just copy a table or spreadsheet of data into their website, and it does the rest. It generates a Google Map with the data you provide.

Most of what it does is FREE, with an option to upgrade to $99 per month for faster geocoding, Street View integration, handling more data points and to remove ads.

I’ve experimented with the tool and I suggest it could be a great way to put your small business on the map.

Here’s an example (by Duedil) showing London startups by location:

View this map full screen

What do you think? Let me know if you try this out, what works and what doesn’t.