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My 3 Words for 2011

First of all, I wish you a very Happy, Healthful and Successful (in the way you define it) 2011.


I have to admit I got this neat idea from Chris Brogan. The idea is that instead of coming up with wordy new year resolutions that could become both tricky to remember and limiting then, settle on 3 words that signify themes that can act as guide posts through the year – and at the same time be easy to remember.


These are the words that will guide my business activities over the course of 2011. (By the way: I have a personal red line around family and friends which trump the 3 words. This is however the only exception.)

1. Ship

Those who know me well, will appreciate that I have invested many months this year (2010) of research into and preparation for a new business venture and yet…and yet I have not shipped. Not launched. Not actually started the business. While the time I’ve spent has been incredibly useful to me personally it ultimately doesn’t count – unless and until I ship. This is something that was really brought home to me in a recent post by Seth Godin. Top priority then for me this year is to ship – to launch the new venture.

2. Engage

One of the many things I have learned and seen this year is how engagement is essential. Without it, there is no new or continued business – at least the sort of online business I am about to ship. Engagement with family and friends for base support. Engagement with business partners / advisors / mentors for inspiration, guidance and hands-on assistance. And finally, by me helping, sharing and engaging with the right people, a community forms and the business opportunity becomes both apparent and irresistible to all concerned. Well, that’s the theory. What is for sure, is that without shipping and without engagement – nothing’s gonna happen.

3. Momentum

Having shipped and continuing to engage then it’s a case of responding in the right ways, keeping it going and building on it. Easier said than done I expect – hence this third word, momentum.


I am working on SMART objectives for each of the 3 themes above but I wanted to share my key ideas with you since we’re about to enter the New Year. I for one am incredibly excited about the opportunities out there for all who dare – but only for those who Ship first.

Have a truly great 2011.