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Just 4 Days Until The Biggest Entrepreneurship Sale of the Year

2988958409_a8b0de01c6_mOnce in a while an offer crosses my desk that I simply have to share.  About a year ago, two pioneering online entrepreneurs, Adam Baker and Karol Gadja put together a fantastic deal called Only72 for anyone looking to use the Web to expand their business (I should know as I went for it myself.) And now they’re doing it again. Only this time it’s even bigger and better.

Adam is the guy behind ManVsDebt, an amazingly successful site devoted to ‘selling your crap, paying off your debts and doing what you love‘. Karol’s successful site RidiculouslyExtraordinary is all about Freedom, Health, Travel and Life.

The Only72 sale this year brings together a huge collection of courses, guides and ebooks from some of the most successful online entrepreneurs & writers on the planet – all at a massive discount. It works out at about a dozen products for the price of 1 or two. But it’s only available for 72 hours: starting on Monday, November 28.

The theme this time is business products and it’s aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to use the Web to grow their businesses.

To whet your appetite here’s a link two great FREE video interviews of Jonathon Fields & Pat Flynn. I’ve been following these guys for years and they really do know their stuff. Here they talk about productivity, publishing, transparency, podcasting, and creating YouTube videos.

Click here to watch the videos & to be notified of the sale >>